Laptops for sale in Cheshire

We are a retail shop in Nantwich with a good selection of new and refurbished Laptops for sale. We also sell Netbooks, Notebooks and PC's.

Why buy laptops from us

We constantly have a good selection of Laptops for sale, plus Netbooks, Notebooks, Tablets and iPads in our High Street shop. We sell new and re-furbished units and they all come with a Warranty. However as we have 12 years of experience in the PC industry we are always here to help. We cannot guarantee that we will be as competitive as buying from the larger stores or off the internet but where is your support?

You can't get a data transfer done when you order a box off the internet! You don't get any technical advice or after-service when you buy from the large high street stores! They usually just want to sell you the item with the highest price tag and not the one that suits your needs. Our customers are valued and we are always here to help

Laptops - the personal touch

We offer a personal service that you would not get when purchasing from the larger stores or off the internet. Our customers can call us with a small problem or a big problem and we guarantee we will be there to listen and assist.

Come down today

We don’t sell online but you can come down and drop in if you are in the area. For more information, please contact us today!